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Our Infrastructure

It is the commitment of Dezhou Drillstar Cutting Tool Co. Ltd. is not to skimp on infrastructural development and up gradation but to pump in enough capital in the sophistication and automation of our manufacturing infrastructure. That strengthens our production capability and improves management system to make the company more vitalized and efficient so as to answer effectively and expeditiously to changes in both the intrinsic and extrinsic business environment. We also organize our business framework and long-term investment for casting focus on manufacturing of high-quality and innovative products. The company continues to enhance technologies of drilling and boring solutions such as power-efficient and environment-friendly Gun Drilling Machines, Deep Hole Boring & Honing Machines.  

We make maximum efforts to ensure better and required R&D resources encompassing design of the machines and improving the efficiency.  We also invigorate communication and extend cooperation not only among varied branches, but also with customers to attain mutual growth. Our series of advanced machinery coupled with leading-edge technology allows us to manufacture the best quality drilling machines without any flaw. Our a design unit is supported by CAD/ CAM systems in order to develop improved design of our product range. Besides that it helps in custom-manufacturing solution that satisfies the clients with quality, prices, efficiency, performance and on-time delivery.  

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